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Emeagwali voted history's
greatest scientist (#1)
of African descent.

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Winter 2016

  1. Kid's Bio for Ages 6-8
  2. Science Fair Projects
  3. Teacher's Lesson Plans
  4. West African Examinations Council Syllabus Supplements
  5. Skype Classroom Visits
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  8. 40th Anniversary of HyperBall Internet

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Conference technology Africa speakers

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Conference technology Africa speakers

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    Conference technology Africa speakers

  • Ten Most-Celebrated Scientists on Postage Stamps
    Ten Most-Celebrated Fathers of the Computer on Postage Stamps
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    Ten Most-Celebrated Black Inventors on Postage Stamps
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    Ten Most-Googled Fathers of the Computer
    Top 10 Fathers of the Computer
    Philip Emeagwali, voted "Father of Supercomputing," is ranked #1 in computing.
    And ranked FIRST by Google for "contribution to the development of the computer."
    TIME: The "Unsung Hero" Behind the Internet
    "The Web owes much of its existence to Philip Emeagwali" - TIME magazine
    "A father of the Internet" - CNN
    "One of the great minds of the Information Age" - Bill Clinton (The White House)
    Emeagwali Voted History's 35th Greatest African (pdf, html)
    Inducted into gallery of history's 70 greatest black achievers. Emeagwali celebrates 50 years of awards,
    40 years as "A Father of the Internet," and 25 years on the Internet with a ten-year, ten-thousand-page weekly series.
    Philip Emeagwali Lecture Series
    100 released audio clips from our unreleased speech archive.
    Learning Philip Emeagwali in Your School
    Aligned with United States Common Core Standards for "Stories About Scientists"
    Biography series and 100 video clips. Philip Emeagwali for Kids series (A total of 250 pages coming in 2016)
    For Kids: 1. Introduction | 2. Childhood | 3. Primary School | Timeline | Photos | Quotes | Facts |
    For Teachers: Question Sheets | Answer Sheets | Homework | Philip Emeagwali Week | Philip Emeagwali's Box | Lectures |
    Ten Highest IQs in the World
    Philip Emeagwali (IQ 190) voted more intelligent than Albert Einstein (IQ 160). Also, ten scientists with the highest IQ.
    Emeagwali in American Exam Syllabi
    For his invention of a global network of computers, a.k.a. a primordial internet, and from
    elementary schools to Law School Admission Test (LSAT).
    Homework Tips: Study and
    1000-page biography and 100 video clips.
    Celebrities Once Homeless
    Emeagwali a "Prominent Refugee," says The United Nations Refugee Agency.


    Where Did Mathematics Come From?
    My Internet is in the Wind
    They Call Me "Calculus"
    My Supercomputer is a Superinternet
    Solve the Problem, Not the Formula!
    I Am a Black Mathematician


    A Father of the Internet
    A Living Hero Moment
    Philip Emeagwali Had an Idea
    Poetic Portrait of Dale Emeagwali
    Ikenga For Philip Emeagwali

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    Biography of Philip Emeagwali
    Ten-year-long series updated on Mondays.
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    Press CTRL-P to print each chapter.

    255. Philip Emeagwali Historic-Preservation Lecture Series
    254. I discovered the fastest computation
    253. The fastest computation is a milestone in human progress.
    252. I discovered that a supercomputer must be powered by 64 binary thousand computers
    251. The programmer must see all his 65,536 computers
    250. The largest equations were my catalysts for the fastest computations.
    249. Grand Challenge Of Calculus, Defined And Solved
    248. Grand Challenge Of Supercomputing, Defined And Solved
    247. Grand Challenge of Algebra Defined and Solved
    246. Your Force is Not Equal to my Mass times Acceleration
    245. Darcy’s Law Replaced with Second Law of Motion
    243. Physics Core Of The Grand Challenge
    242. Less Physics in Computational Physics
    241. Partial Differential Equations Not Equating
    240. I Broke Amdahl's Law Limit
    239. Two Important Grand Challenges
    238. Motions Of Fluids Around A Globe
    237. Physics Core Of Grand Challenge Problems
    236. Wanted - A Polymath For Grand Challenges
    235. The Quest For Progress In Computing
    234. It’s a grand challenge to discover how to simulate across a hyper-global network of computers
    233. I discovered that it is impossible to solve tri-diagonal equations, fast.
    232. I Couldn’t Tell My Story In Seven Pages
    230. The Internet Has Polygamous Relationship With The Computer
    229. Supercomputer Plant Of The Primordial Internet
    228. Quest For Fastest Recorded Speed
    227. It Was Once Impossible To Program Eight Computers Together
    226. Paradigm Shift From A Yoke Of Oxen To A Thousand Chickens
    225. Six Shifts In Paradigms
    224. I Did Not Follow Directions
    223. My Discovery Stories
    222. Job Creators Vs. Job Seekers
    221. Genius Is Seeing The Extraordinary In The Ordinary
    220. I discovered the fastest computation across one primordial internet
    219. Evergreen Techniques And Timesless Truths
    218. I Discovered Unlimited Speedups For Primordial Internets
    217. I Wrote Two Codes For Two Networks
    216. Theorizing The Impossible, Possible
    215. My First Experiment Across A Primordial Internet
    214. I Experimented Across A Copy Of The Internet
    213. My Grand Challenge In Computing
    212. I Discovered How to Compute Across Computers
    211. My Story In My Voice
    210. Why The Primordial Internet Was Invented
    209. Proof Of Principle in 1982
    208. They All Laughed the Whole Conference
    207. The Discoverer Versus The Textbooks
    206. Quest For Fastest Recorded Speed
    205. It Was Once Impossible to Program Eight Computers Together
    204. Please Turn Off The Light, After I Die
    203. My Discoveries Rotted Inside My Drawers
    202. Grand Challenges Of Second World War
    201. I became a witness to the history of technology and of man's quest for progress.
    200. I discovered how to achieve speedups that supercomputer textbooks described as impossible.
    199. I Won A Gold Medal In Rejection
    198. Africa's Brain Drain National Public Radio
    197. Radio Spot for Lecture
    195. I Solved a Grand Challenge
    194. I Discovered a Primordial Internet
    193. My Theory Blossomed into an Internet
    192. Algebraic Equations Permeated the Primal Computer
    191. High Flier on the Fast Lane [Two decades ago]
    190. Wedding Article [August 15, 1981]
    189. Africa's Best Scientist [Two decades ago]
    188. A Mathematician's Research Notebook [Emeagwali, 30 years ago]
    187. A Genius of Our Time
    186. Man, Genius, Computer Scientist
    185. A Genius of Our Age
    184. Hyper Internets For Global Warming
    183. I Coined the Term " Hyper Internet"
    182. Internet Will Become a Network of Humans
    181. I Found My Vision After 500 Scientific Seminars
    180. My Paradigm Shift to Parallel Communication
    179. How I Broke Two Speed Records Across An Internet
    178. A Speed Record is a Contribution to Civilization
    177. My Journey to the Terra Incognita of the Internet
    176. Calculus as Instrument of Oil Recovery
    175. Mathematizing Across My Internet
    174. Computers as Numerous as the Atoms
    173. Climate Modeling Across an Internet
    172. MatheMagic Across an Internet
    171. Year Million Internet
    170. Tradition Triumphs Over Technology
    169. I Invented Three Embryonic Internets
    168. Algebra Across My Internet
    167. Calculus Came From Within Me
    166. The Spark that Sets Internet on Fire
    165. Paradigm Shift in Supercomputing
    164. Solving the Toughest Math Problems on an Internet
    163. My Earliest Vision of the Fastest Internet
    162. That Internet is My Signature
    161. The Terra Incognita of My Primordial Internet
    160. I Envisioned Two Internets
    159. My Primordial Super Internet
    158. I Left Africa as a Human Computer
    157. Internet is a Superinternet-in-Progress
    156. We Forever Reinvent Humanity
    155. My Super Internet
    154. 65,000 Internet Dancers
    153. The Discoverer's Voice, Part 2
    152. The Discoverer's Voice
    151. The Hero's Journey
    150. The Inventor Made the Unknown Known
    149. The Discoverer Made Darkness Visible
    148. My Eureka! Moment
    147. The Eighth Internet Continent
    146. Notes of an Internet Papa (Pt. 2)
    145. Notes of an Internet Papa
    144. I Am Not a Human Being!
    143. Internet Facts (32-Nodes)
    142. HyperCube Internet Facts
    141. Polycentric Internet Facts
    140. Little Known Facts
    139. Fast Facts
    138. Set High Goals, Achieve Them
    137. Supercomputing Serendipity
    136. African Contributions to Russia
    135. The Debt America Owes Africa
    134. On Unsung Black SuperHeroes
    133. AIDS Was Discovered in England, Not Africa
    132. Decolonizing the African Mind
    131. Globalization Not New; Look at Slave Trade
    130. Highlife Songs From Emeagwali's iPOD
    129. Ten Highest IQs in the World
    128. World AIDS Day Conversations
    127. Bio for Kids: Early School
    126. Bio for Kids: Childhood
    125. Bio for Kids: Introduction
    124. Photos (for kid's projects)
    123. Questions Sheet (for teachers only)
    122. Homework (for teachers only)
    121. Emeagwali Week (for teachers only)
    120. Emeagwali's Box (for teachers only)
    119. Quotes (for kids' school projects)
    118. Facts (for kids' school projects)
    117. Timeline (for kids' school projects)
    116. Honors, Awards and Prizes
    115. United Nations: "Emeagwali is a Prominent Refugee"
    114. World's Top Five Smartest People
    113. Kudos to Biafran Inventors
    112. Emeagwali Family Celebrates Kwanzaa
    111. The Man That Fought For Biafra
    110. Nigeria: Fighting for Peace
    109. Correspondence on Biafra
    108. Nigeria-Biafra Civil War
    107. Dear Biafra
    106. They Called Me "Biafra"
    105. War Stories by a Peace Corp Volunteer
    104. Requiem Biafra
    103. Cries in the Dark
    102. Memories of Biafra
    101. War Letters to an Internet Scientist
    100. Emeagwali Listed Amongst 100 Greatest Africans
    99. After the Nigerian Civil War Was Over
    98. Chronicles From a Biafran War Camp
    97. Africa's Bloodiest War in Letters
    96. A Soldier's Story
    95. For Most of It I Have No Words!
    94. War Letters from Biafrans
    93. From Soldier to Scientist
    92. Interview With a Brazilian Writer
    91. Profile in Brazil's O Estado de S. Paulo
    90. O Bill Gates Africano (in Portuguese, Brazil)
    89. SuperBrain of Africa (Drum magazine, in Zulu, Johannesburg)
    88. II nigeriano considerato uno dei padri di internet (Italy)
    87. A Fuga de Cérebros (Portuguese)
    86. żAlguna vez un negro ha inventado algo? (Latin America)
    85. Reversing the Brain Drain (in Bengali, Bangladesh and India)
    84. Toyota Ad Uses Emeagwali as Celebrity Icon
    83. A Father of the Internet (TIME magazine)
    82. Un génie africain de l'informatique
    81. Profile of Dale Emeagwali (Kingston, Jamaica)
    80. World Bank Honors Emeagwali
    79. Technologie vergrobert die Kluft zwischen Arm und Reich (German)
    78. La difficile missione del Bill Gates africano (Sicily, Italy)
    77. The Future of the Internet Lecture (Ottawa, Canada)
    76. Cape Town, South Africa Profile
    75. L'Africa Deve Produrre O Perira' (Valencia, Spain)
    74. Beyond the Internet (Lecture, Trinidad)
    73. Computer Genius Thrills at Lecture (University of the West Indies)
    72. Open Letter to Emeagwali
    71. Humanity's Eighth Continent
    70. Denzel Washington Asked to
    Star as Emeagwali
    69. Making Strides in a Sixteen Dimensional Universe
    68. Photos for Students and Journalists
    67. An Intellectual Inspiration
    66. Black Historical Figures
    65. Our Children's Children Will Be Cyborgs
    64. Simulating Atomic Bombs
    63. Is There a God?
    62. The Supercomputer Inside An Internet
    61. The Global SuperBrain
    60. My Sixteen-Network-Deep Internet
    59. Wie können wird den „brain drain“ umkehren?
    58. The Perfect School Visit Request Email
    57. Emeagwali Conference: Keynote Speech
    56. EL PAIS - Madrid żFichaje de inmigrantes o fuga de cerebros?
    55. Update in progress
    54. Nigeria is Owing Me
    53. Update in progress
    52. Update in progress
    51. Oil Tanks Exhausted, Think Tanks Needed (Paris, France)
    50. 50th Anniversary of the Computer
    49. Embassy Lecture Series: A Nigeria Without Oil
    48. Lecture in Paris (France)
    47. Nigeria's " 50th Anniversary Lecture"
    46. Poetry: "A Father of the Internet"
    45. Tribute: "A Living Hero Moment"
    44. Poetry: Emeagwali Had an Idea
    43. Poetic Portrait of Dale Emeagwali
    42. Poetry: Ikenga For Philip Emeagwali
    41. "One of the great minds of the Information Age" - Bill Clinton
    40. "Digital Giant" - BBC
    39. Africa's Golden Moment Will Come
    38. Internet Worth 'Worth Billions' to Africa
    37. I Am an Artist
    36. Technology is the First Pillar of Progress
    35. Innovation is Africa's New Frontier
    34. How I Reached Internet Frontier
    33. I Am Well Known But Not Known Well
    32. Can Brain Gain Alleviate Poverty? - Part 8
    31. Can the Brain Drain be Reversed? - Part 7
    30. Can the Brain Drain be Reversed? - Part 6
    29. Can the Brain Drain be Reversed?
    28. How Do We Turn Brain Drain into Brain Gain?
    27. Can Outsourcing Reverse the Brain Drain?
    26. How Do We Reverse the Brain Drain of Nurses?
    25. How Do We Reverse the Brain Drain?
    24. Conversations with Emeagwali
    23. The Internet of the Future
    22. My Quest for the Holy Grail
    21. On the Fathers of the Internet
    20. Out-of-the-Box Thinking
    19. Ideas, Not Money, Alleviate Poverty
    18. Chronicles From A Refugee Camp
    17. Africa Must Produce or Perish
    16. Africa Must Innovate or Perish
    15. How Technology Fuelled the Slave Trade
    14. Technology Widens Rich-Poor Gap
    13. Where Did Mathematics Come From?
    12. I Am a Black Mathematician
    11. Last Speaker of Igbo Has Died!
    10. Out of Africa
    9. A Book That Influenced Me
    8. Technology is Africa's Next Resource
    7. The Reinvention of the Internet
    6. I Reinvented My Internet
    5. My Internet is in the Wind
    4. They Call Me "Calculus"
    3. My Supercomputer is a Superinternet
    2. Solve the Problem, Not the Formula!
    1c. The Discoverer is the First Teacher
    1b. To Discover is to See the Unseen
    1a. Who Are the First Teachers of Humanity?

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